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Fallen Night Sky

Fallen Night Sky


Medium: This is a print reproduction of a hand illustrated, mixed media Jay Original. Mixed media: Collage, paints, inks, and marine debris.

Inspiration behind the work: Fallen Night Sky portrays a whale shark suspended by the solitude and silence of the abyss. Against the pitch it's distinct markings recreate the dark canvas pricked by pinholes of light that we scour, nightly, for the meaning of life. All the answers we seek in the expansive cosmos of creation is available in the microcosm we fondly refer to as the pale blue dot. The truths of the infinite universe lies hidden right beneath the shifting surface of the undulating blue. This gentle giant is a swirling cluster of star stories, if only we would take the time to listen...


All of Jay's prints run the same edition size and cost the same. If sold at higher value, the entire sum of additional profits need to be directed to conservation.  

All prints are produced using dispersion inks on the highest quality archival paper or canvas. 

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