Atoll Arrears 2011

The garments that entail this line portray bird’s eye views of diverse reef systems. Colourful, combinatorial, and complex, corals offer a unique playground for crustaceans, cephalopods, cichlid populations and creatives.

“As a snorkeler and scuba/snuba diver I find the hues, textures, patterns and intricate overlays of atolls and fringes extremely visually exhilarating. It was with relative ease that I translated all these attributes into my art and fashion to espouse the immense beauty of these underwater sanctuaries.”

In Atoll Arrears Asher Jay sustains a three dimensional allure through the use of distressed dyes, raised surface techniques and strategic strokes, aesthetic sensibilities that inevitably carry over onto her Prêt-a-Porter pieces in the form of appliqué and patchwork. Her unique ability to channel the same thought process through two discrete mediums renders her fashion and art as variations of the same semantic succession and creative chain. Her contemporary interdisciplinary visual and emotional commentaries serve as a catalyst for social reform and paradigm shifts through personal transformation.

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