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Wondering how to tell your impact stories in a way that it hasn’t been done before? Come talk to Yoke and Anchor LLC!

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Keynote Plenary Speaker on the opening night of the BSR 18 Conference.

Keynote Plenary Speaker on the opening night of the BSR 18 Conference.

Yoke And Anchor LLC interdisciplinary team delivers on Jay’s laterally associative vision for a healthy planet and a collective future. Harnessing the effective application of the arts to address simple disconnects that prevent individuals from understanding the complexity of the whole, Jay’s work is the nexus of storytelling, marketing, public relations, corporate social responsibility, nonprofit impact, and philanthropy. Jay’s background in fashion design and development, marketing, merchandising and being the managing director of a company that managed both CMT production lines and large-scale factory planning has equipped her with both business acumen, and genuine immersion into the corporate world.


Why Yoke and Anchor LLC?


  • Collaboration leads to change.

  • Change begins with YOU. The fate and future of humanity and nature rests on YOU!

  • We can change the narrative together by bringing our stories together!

Jay’s design philosophy is all about connecting two disparate concepts and anchoring them in contemporary culture and public consciousness. Asher Jay maintains that the work she does, and what it delivers is bigger than her as an individual or brand, and is eager to work with other companies that recognize the same premise, that while individually we can tell stories, together we can change the narrative.


Ideation + conceptual associative thinking + content creation + Emotionally evocative, intuitive storytelling + Public Participation = increased: click throughs, sales, web traffic, customer conversion rate (i.e. appealing to new audiences) customer return rate and more meaningful communication with target demographics.

  • Limited Edition Packaging

  • In-Store experiences (pop ups, visual merchandising, interiors, interactive elements).

  • Animated shorts

  • comic strips, flip books, cartoons

  • Graphic Illustration campaigns, Ad Layouts

  • Photography and videography

  • immersive experiences

  • artistic installations

  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

  • Engaging mobile or web applications

We can find fun, interactive, digitally fluent, unexplored story arcs for your efforts and express them in a sensorial language that is intuitive to your end user, consumer or donor base.

We find untried ways to stimulate, educate, energize and engage the people you most want to build a deeper, more intuitive relationship with. We are here to tell your story in a way that it hasn’t been told before, to help forge and foster a more profound link between your communications team, PR, CSR/corporate foundation and consequently show how you make this world a better place for us all.

Your stories of positive impact, of galvanizing your employees toward a culture of doing good in this world, of creating products and services that enrich and empower the masses by standing for more than just a purchase, should be heard, seen, known about. Allow us to help you do just that! We can even brainstorm and strategize the right partnerships or causes you should be aligning with or championing for your particular brand. Bring us into your understanding, and we will help the world evolve its knowledge of you.

Value Proposition Asher Jay

Under Jay’s direction, Yoke and Anchor LLC spearheads strategic problem solving by uniquely linking seemingly irrelevant, unrelated ideas, thoughts, vocabulary, or data points into a democratic emotionally intuitive, sensorially compelling framing. This helps consumers distill relationships that help them better understand the true nature of things while securing click-throughs, sales, donations, pledges and on-site participation for companies and nonprofits. The harmonious marriage of the quantitative and the qualitative, and the overlap between corporate stewardship and philanthropic partnerships that seed decisive dollar spending towards achieving tangible on-the-ground impacts is the unique niche that Jay’s versatility best finds expression in. The utilization of creativity to curate how systems, solutions, services, and products are received or navigated by target demographics is the most crucial narrative experience. Every individual needs to walk that arc and come out the other side with the same conclusion, which implies the organization of content within such an arc needs to be carefully planned. This requires both an empirical and logical yet intuitive, and emotional approach, which is at the heart of each campaign, consultancy contract, project or initiative Jay, by extension, the Yoke and Anchor team, provides for clients.

Emotional Decisions Asher Jay


Asher Jay is the founder and head of creative services of Yoke and Anchor LLC. Jay’s unique expertise is brought to fruition by a passionate and diligent team of creative, interdisciplinary freelance individuals like herself, who she brings into the fold based on each project’s needs. Her team is reorganized and customized for each project because of the skills required to effectively produce each campaign changes from client to client.

Yoke and Anchor embraces an innovative peer-to-peer, shared economy model to generate the most outstanding work for each client.







What is the problem you are trying to solve? What does solving it deliver to your consumer channels? How are you articulating your narrative? Why? What assumptions have you made that need to be addressed or explained to your end consumers and employees? Does the culture of your company get effortlessly expressed as its CSR? What emotions do your efforts evoke in those who encounter or experience your company's points of interface? What is the Narrative that needs to be communicated for people to feel more engaged with the content presented to them?




Sequencing is critical to the success of how something is received by a targeted demographic. To secure click-throughs, sales, matching donations, pledges, or active engagement it is important to curate every moment of the interface between the narrative and the end user from start to finish. This is accomplished by managing expectations both internally and externally while ensuring that qualitative and quantitative deliverables are harmonious with the quarterly OKR (Objectives and Key Results) and the company’s long-term and short-term visions. Yoke And Anchor generates ways for companies to liaise with target demographics in innovative, unexpected, charming ways.

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How two data points seed new connections in an individual’s mindscape hinges on how the information is articulated, sequenced, and packaged. But how that relationship becomes evident tethers to the greater vision and schematic of the company relies on making that final step the apparent association. This is the web. How do you warp and weft your outreach to spell out the complexity of the web that is your brand identity, its reason for being, and its unique offering? That is the question Yoke and Anchor is most excited to answer for the foundations, companies, government agencies and nonprofits it works with.


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