Arusha Bound

Day 27: April 28 2014

Hollie and I wound up at the Seronera airstrip at 11 a.m. only to discover a curious number of fellow FZS employees there.

Me: Wow, are we getting a send off?
Hollie: I have no idea what this is about!
Me: Well I certainly feel important and appreciated now!

Andre and Felix were trying to secure a flight out to Arusha for a really sick student, Laura was there with her baby Amelia, Arusha bound on the same flight as Hollie and me, and Markus was climbing back into his Land Rover to head back to the Sero Office.

An hour long, direct flight later, I stumbled out of the tiny Regional aircraft feeling utterly nauseous. Perhaps it was the sleep deprivation from the previous night, or the ride just had more turbulence than my system was willing to stomach, but either way I came out looking a little green in the face.
We wound up at Blues and Chutney, a quiet, homey bed and breakfast that is an FZS favorite. Hollie was flying back to Cambridge the following morning, but while she was in town, she was to help me secure my art materials for the mural I have been commissioned to paint at the FZS HQ.

Blues and Chutney

My Room at Blues And Chutney

I wound up acquiring everything I needed to create my masterpiece, between Tanga General Hardware, Shop Rite, Kitchen Point and Set Life Stationary. We weren’t sure how to get everything back to Sero, but I’ve discovered that the African way is to just keep an open mind and schedule until things work themselves out, as they invariably do… so we decided to decide on the logistics later.

Hollie and I wound up having a delicious home cooked supper at Blues and Chutney that night, I particularly relished my potato pancake with a chunky tomato sauce and a side of honey sweetened cole slaw. It was a charmed evening, spent in the company of a wonderfully vivacious friend. The best thing about Blues and Chutney is that breakfast comes with copious quantities of fresh PASSION FRUIT juice…daily!