Ghost Moon

Ghost Moon by Asher Jay

Ghost Moon, an original artwork by Asher Jay

Day 33: May 4 2014

Gave the gibbous moon company until half past one last night, felt like her luminous form needed me as much as I needed her. I have never seen her be as luminous as she was last night, she breathed the entire savanna expanse to life with her radiance.  It was absolutely extraordinary, and worth every second. I had interesting company, a cup of hot pear-ginger tea, and I got to pass the hours listening to the Transect Pride roar into the darkness. Just as the cats fell into silence, a large form emerged into the pale shine out of the shadows, it took me a minute to acknowledge her. She was a snorting, sprightly hippo, who ran past our perch with the lightness of foot unexpected of a mammal so hefty.

As the moon rose higher in the sky, beautiful white tailed mongooses chirped and scampered in the clearing before us, while impalas expressed their Darth-vader breathing concerns amidst the dark spidery web of shrub in the distance. Spring hares tussled in the tall grasses leaving the roofs as empty playground for hyraxes to thunderously bound across on. The only creature that took offense to all this nocturnal clamor was the lapwing. Like the old couple that lives beneath a freshman year student in a New York City pre-war, this bird makes every disturbance within a four mile radius its personal problem! If this bird could lift a broom it would probably knock on its ceiling and loosen tiles in the hyrax’s home floor while loudly expressing, “Will you kids keep it down? Thud, thud, thud!”