In my Heart’s Eye

Purple Skies by Asher Jay

Purple Skies

Day 32: May 3 2014

I fall in deep turquoise love daily and feel a cavernous appetite when my eyes are teased by a setting sun’s pumpkin orange kiss. I connect unconditionally to another in shades of deep purple and red. I am innately attracted to brighter, more conspicuous palettes. I sense vibrations before I hear the sounds and voices, and I love extrapolating the unfamiliar from the familiar, the unknown from the known, as I find beauty even in the mundane. My senses hone in on certain enriched textures, shapes and spaces that serve as intense ingredients for my visual vocabulary. I later combine these ocular treats in unexpected recipes. My inspirations are plenty, like a child in a candy store, I consume all that I see voraciously, every line, angle, and contour; the sheer variety that is disposable to me daily, paints me ecstatic. My curiosity and upbeat energy sustains against all odds, for every night when I am asleep I hit reset, and everything that was seen that day seems anew the following day. I can never get enough of life and since art and design is imbued with life, I cannot get enough of those either! I think that this world would lose all sense of depth, dimension and charm without the epiphanies and perspectives proposed by art and design.