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Sunrise in the Serengeti by Asher Jay

Sunrise in the Serengeti

Wow. I woke up without an alarm, despite a sedative at 5 a.m this morning. Still got the Serengeti schedule calling the shots on my body, mind and soul. I woke up missing, and utterly confused about my bearings, but saw the dark silhouette of the Empire State with a diamond burst of orange light beneath it and in that moment I knew, this too was home. How can I be home in both places, when one has space and no humans, while the other has only humans and no space? Weird, but have already fallen into being here, even though only a part of me seems to have returned on KL0639. Maybe the rest of me is stuck in baggage claim back at Kilimanjaro hoping to make its way back to where it cares to belong. Wonder if all of me will ever feel at home in one place again…. probably not. In an unfamiliar emotional state, one that does not have an emoticon yet, but its somewhere between :S :(( 😀 :O and :I