Persephone Returns
Wrapped in Memories
Waiting For Someone To Call My Name
Veins That Tie Us Together
The Siren's Promise
Chasm of Earth and Creation
Scarlet Muse
Self Portait Series - 1
Self Portait Series - 2
Self Portait Series - 3
Self Portait Series - 4
Self Portait Series - 5
Self Portait Series - 6
I'm Not Looking At You Looking At Me
We See The Truth
Collide With Me
Everything I've Ever Owned
Tearing Me Apart
Made in England
The Unsung Song
Bubbles Blossom

Material Farce:
Awaiting a Deus Ex Machina

These artworks are a series of multi medium paintings created through a blend of techniques utilizing paint, ink, collage, textiles, pastels and other materials. The colours are opulent and vibrant, reminiscent of Asher Jay’s many trips to Africa, Asia and Europe. In each creation, she breathes a fiery life that emanates from the works like burning embers. Through the effective use of unapologetic prints and mosaic medleys she infuses each piece with a touch from her muse Gustav Klimt, whilst drawing forth powerful raw strokes akin to those of Expressionist works. Her pulsating palettes are a daring juxtaposition of disparate cultural influences, and her mnemonic graphical elements are capable of evoking exotic lands and contexts.

The artist elected to title this collection of works ‘Material Farce’ to highlight the witty undercurrent commentary on thoughtless consumerism and waste generation. Utilizing the vernacular of capitalistic stereotypes, and the plastic facade of fashion she disinters a much deeper message, ‘you are what you seek’ be it in her painting or in life. Every one of her manifestations instigates us to peel back the layers and search for what we value most in life and in doing so comprehend the impact each of our actions has on the world around.

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