Asher Jay
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Thumbs Up for Tigers with the World Wildlife Fund

This Global Tiger Day, 29th July, National Geographic explorer and environmental activist
Asher Jay is launching “Thumbs Up for Tigers,” an innovative digital campaign supporting Tx2,
the global goal to double wild tiger numbers by 2022.

With the aim of doubling the number of people supporting Tx2, Asher has linked the “T” for
tigers to thumbs and is asking people to make a unique pledge to tiger conservation by posting
their “thumbs up for tigers” photo on social media - giving the Tx2 goal not just one, but TWO
thumbs up! Thumbs x 2 = Tx2!

The theme of thumbs links perfectly to tigers because each tiger’s stripe pattern is unique to
them - just like our finger prints are to us.

Supported by WWF, UNDP, Dot Asia and the Tigers for Tigers coalition, the campaign runs
from 22nd - 29th July 2016.

Asher Jay and WWF tiger specialists are available for interview.

This Global Tiger Day is especially important as 2016 marks the halfway point of the historic Tx2 goal. In April, WWF & the Global Tiger Forum announced the first rise in wild tiger numbers globally, to just under 4,000 but with poaching and habitat loss at critical levels there is still a long way to go to secure a future for wild tigers.



Get your thumbs ready. Stripe your imprint with that of a big cat's to give two thumbs up for tigers in our world.

Tiger stripes are to tigers what thumb imprints are to people, they express individual identity. Thumbs up for Tigers is meant to help raise awareness about the extant population of tigers in the world, and help double their current numbers by preserving existing habitat ranges from encroachmentin the countries they are native to. When individual citizens in each of these nations get behind the movement, it becomes easier to create the necessary space for these solitary big cats.