Asher Jay
The Wild Creative


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This is a short animated story about our planet's pulse line.

All eyes on ‪#‎BigCats‬ for ‪#‎BigCatWeek‬ on ‪#‎NatGeoWild‬ hosted by National Geographic Channel This spot gets the viewer eye to eye with the elusive Leopard. I created this animate animal to specifically catch eyes with you, because it is the most mesmerizing aspect of the cat and how both humans and big cats establish trust.
Created a series of videos for ‪#‎BigCatWeek‬ for National Geographic Channel to cast a light on the dwindling count of big cats in our world, due to habitat loss, poaching, trophy hunting, trapping and other anthropogenic threats. To learn more please visit Big Cats Initiative:
Tiger stripes are to tigers what thumb imprints are to people, they express individual identity. Thumbs up for Tigers is meant to help raise awareness about the extant population of tigers in the world, and help double their current numbers by increasing habitat ranges in the countries they are native to.
A short, graphically minimalistic, conceptual animation that portrays the loss of elephant populations across African countries since the African Elephant Conservation Act was passed in 1989, as a moratorium on the ivory trade. After the Act was passed by Congress however, two "one of sales" endorsed by CITES rekindled both the Japanese and Chinese markets for ivory.
An animation about empowering rhinos‬ in the wild‬. We tend to treat our wild commons like commodities, instead of as living, thinking, feeling beings that have the right to be. Each wild species provides the ecosystems it is inherently found in unique value by the very nature of its existence.
"Transparent Sea" is a conceptual, animated, silent short that examines the impact of humanity's daily consumer choices on marine ecosystems. Set in a coral reef, this succinct narrative shines a light on the gradual denudation of a habitat rich in biodiversity due to our current, irreverent use-and-throw, gas-guzzling paradigm of subsistence.