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Asher Jay
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Fan Out

Fan Out

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Medium: This is a print reproduction of a hand illustrated, mixed media Jay Original.

Archival 36” x 48”

Canvas 24” x 36”

Somerset 18” x 24”

Cardstock 11” x 14”

Inspiration: Two degrees can make a considerable difference to our planet, and whether we do so or not remains within our hands. The thermometers portray precisely this change. The two degrees of temperature rise related differences are illustrated within the section of the fan going from a planet where we have ice sheets and thriving tundra ecosystems to a world with sea level rise and bleached corals. The human hands contain with their expanse a spectrum of solutions while taking responsibility for the problems that rise as a direct symptom of human impact. The present, where we are seeing both negative and positive results of anthropogenic actions is articulated in the the middle, with some coral systems looking healthy, and some in a state of bleaching. The branching corals within the reef are more conspicuously bleached out to the right, as the terrestrial section details civilization as having gone further down the path we are on, by continuing business as usual. To turn a blind eye to the reality of climate change will drive us off the cliff, as evidenced by the car that is at the edge of the fan. We still have time to change the course we are on, as we perceive solutions that are being implemented to ensure sustainable growth. The two degree rise can be clearly attributed to the issues articulated in the far right top corner of the fan, deforestation, livestock, fossil fuel consumption by factories, transportation and the quest for fossil fuels. The term 'Fan Out' denotes the number of inputs that can be connected to a specified output, so this piece examines these intrinsic associations. Additionally from afar the composition is clearly a hand held Chinese fan, the largest contributor apart from the United States to atmospheric carbon. Up close, the fan becomes a sliver of time and space on this finite planet, and as the viewer, you can navigate cause and consequence of climate change within its expanse, while also documenting individual climate mitigation measures. Climate change has specific inputs, as does climate resilience, the prior is inevitable the latter is executable. The relationship between land and water is portrayed through the presence and absence of sea life like phytoplankton, zooplankton, and crustaceans, the wild flora and fauna that are the canaries in the marine coal mine. They signal the absorption of excessive quantities of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The remaining animals portrayed in the blue, exemplify the food chain that stands to be affected by the change in ocean chemistry. This portrays that we are part of the whole and not apart from it. What we do to life around us, will come to affect us as well. This is why proactive measure to mitigate climate change is crucial to focus on.

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