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E Pluribus Unum

E Pluribus Unum

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Medium: This is a print reproduction of a hand illustrated, mixed media Jay Original. Mixed media: Ink, charcoal and pen on heavy duty watercolor paper.

The original is owned by the Rocky Mountain Wolf Project's coalition member Turner Endangered Species Fund. 

Archival 36” x 48”

Canvas 24” x 36”

Somerset 18” x 24”

Cardstock 11” x 14”

Inspiration behind the work: Wolves are the most misunderstood and maligned species on earth. The myth of the wolf is the twice-removed cousin of the truth about wolves, from singular perpetrator to pluralistic predator; the myth alienates the animal while the truth assimilates it. Wolves are the only species to be both loved and hated, feared and fostered, reviled and revered, culled and conserved. The creature is highly controversial, as its very noun conjures up conflicting ideas and understanding in people worldwide.  

Objective observation of this animal in its natural ecological context has revealed that the wolf is a socially gregarious animal that thrives in packs, they only kill to survive, a majority of their hunts end in failure to seize the prey. Anatomically they are woefully ill equipped hunters, and cannot hunt successfully without the aid of the entire pack. They do not represent a threat to the big game hunting industry as unlike human hunters wolves do not go after the most healthy magnificent stags or specimens of a herd, rather they sift the herd for the weakest animal, the one predisposed to predation and in slaying the compromised animal they actually promote herd health. The nature of the wolf is family oriented, and best expressed by Rudyard Kipling’s words in the Jungle Book, “The strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.” 

To help raise awareness and money for the Rocky Mountain Wolf Project, I have decided to direct 1/3rd of the dollar remuneration of every sale toward the coalition's efforts to restore and rehabilitate the wolf across it's native range.

Help preserve the wolf in the wild, by purchasing a pack for your parlor! 


All of Jay's prints run the same edition size and cost the same. If sold at higher value, the entire sum of additional profits need to be directed to conservation.  

All prints are produced using dispersion inks on the highest quality archival paper or canvas. 

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