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Asher Jay
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When The Blind See

When The Blind See

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Medium: This is a print reproduction of a hand illustrated, mixed media Jay Original.

Archival 36” x 48”

Canvas 24” x 36”

Somerset 18” x 24”

Cardstock 11” x 14”

Inspiration: The motif that was repeated to create the initial utterance of a tiger on the canvas, was an illustrated human eye. The eye offers a conceptual connection to the cat. The eye represents: Awareness. Articulation. Vulnerability. The eye receives and emits light. It looks out and looks in. It is a window to peer through, to reach the soul and the world, a symbol that is revealing and perceiving, seeing through and true.  The eye illuminates, understands, expresses, protects, singes, and stares. We can feel truly known by the way another’s eyes take us in and experiences despair and sorrow at being “unseen.” 

Each tiger is perfect, engineered by evolution to curate the specific context it inhabits. Only a tiger knows how to be tiger. Tigers, like every other terrestrial species currently compromised by anthropogenic stress, do have a voice. Tigers have a voice, but we aren't listening. We don't hear what they have to say, and we simply do not see. We don't see the true value of a tiger, if we did, we wouldn't allow for the atrocious way in which they are being trapped and slaughtered in the wild, and farmed in captivity. Stalkers and ambush artists, they hunt with lethal prowess. Each tiger is perfect, to take away its strips and place it behind bars, is to take away the essence of the tiger, and break the wild beast of its spirit and reason to exist. Agile, silent, luxuriant, with sun-like magnanimity, they sift stealthily through grass and jungle as fierce survivors, impregnated with a sovereign purpose; to me they are the devouring divine. They certainly command more respect than we afford them in our bottom-line oriented world. 

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