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All Eyes on Lions

All Eyes on Lions


Medium: This is a print reproduction of a hand illustrated, multimedia Jay Original.

Inspiration behind the work: Repeating the eye as a symbolic motif, also offers a unique commentary about our lack of insight, foresight and hindsight, because we don’t look to our past and learn from our mistakes, and we don’t account for the future in the choices we make today. We simply do not see, despite the overwhelming realities we are enveloped by. It is evident that we need to open our eyes and take a hard look at our colossal blind spots.

Ethologists and primatologists have also coined the "cooperative eye hypothesis" which is at the crux of why these big cats are so easy and compelling to stare at. Scientists have posited,  that "human eyes evolved to make it easier for conspecifics to follow an individual’s gaze direction in close-range joint attentional and communicative interactions, which would seem to imply especially cooperative (mututalistic) conspecifics."


All of Jay's prints run the same edition size and cost the same. If sold at higher value, the entire sum of additional profits need to be directed to conservation.  

All prints are produced using dispersion inks on the highest quality archival paper or canvas. 

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